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HIGH-TECH CLIMA SRL is investing continuosly in equipment:

  • 6 own scissor lift Genie up to 10 m height;
  • More than 6 automatic machines for threading, cutting and grooving;
  • Laser measurment tools;
  • Inverter welding machines;
  • Hand tools from the top suppliers as: Rothenberger, KW tools, Bosch, REX, etc;
  • Automatic CNC machine for insulating ducts production.

Our equipment:


HIGH TECH CLIMA SRL has a very good reputation on the market for it's commitment to quality and time schedule. The experience in HVAC of the entire team is an essential gain for the beneficiaries, as all the projects are revised before starting the execution. All the technical improvements that can be done during the works are shared with the clients for their benefit.

Most of the projects done by us are "turnkey" projects with fixed budgets so clients are having a very realistic picture of what are the costs. The engineers have a good co-operation and understanding of the requirements and quality expected, being on the same level as the jobs managed by foreign investors. Terms and conditions of site use.

Our projects